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  • Patrick Dougherty

    Patrick Dougherty

    Bar manager, La Colombe d'Or  •  Houston, TX, USA

    I was honoured for the opportunity to host St-Rémy for the launch of Signature in our region, welcoming Cécile, the brand’s Master Blender. I found that, within any creative direction, St-Rémy performs as more than a vehicle of flavour, but also as the feature heroine, with softer features that round out immoderate flavours.

    My favourite way to drink St-Rémy is in a “Laissez Passer”, as it blends the warm botanicals and muted acids akin to lemon meringue. Shake 45ml St-Rémy Signature, 30ml charred lemon juice, 20ml bee pollen chamomile medley, 1 dash absinthe and fine strain into a Collins glass. Top with soda and garnish with charred lemon half and thyme.

  • Andie Tolhurst

    Andie Tolhurst

    Bar attendant, W Melbourne  •  Melbourne, Australia

    St-Rémy gives me a chance to work on my creative side in the world of cocktail creation, where I'm always looking to explore. I really enjoy the process of creating my cocktail using St-Rémy and seeing the evolution of the cocktail throughout its developing stages. St-Rémy makes it possible for me to create a drink that I am proud of.

    My favourite way to drink St-Rémy is in a cocktail with chenin blanc wine, apple juice, lemon juice, a splash of spiced pear liqueur and cinnamon syrup served on ice. This cocktail highlights the flavour of spices from the St-Rémy while being refreshing, perfect for the summer!

  • Cécile Roudaut

    Cécile Roudaut

    St-Rémy Master Blender  •  Angers, France

    It was a great honor and a magnificent opportunity to become the Master Blender for St Rémy. Today I maintain the tradition, I make sure that our brandies are always of constant quality and my role is to create, to innovate. I hold this position with so much pleasure, it's fantastic, I always discover new emotions with

    My favourite way to drink St-Rémy is in Sidecar with a splash of Champagne. It harmoniously combines the citrus fruits of Cointreau and the woody, spicy and fruity aromas of St-Rémy. The balance and aromatic power is fabulous, it's a perfect cocktail in my opinion!

  • Mark Huang

    Mark Huang

    Founder, Hi-Bo-Ru  •  Taipei, Taiwan

    The flavour of St-Rémy and its price make it very good for bartenders to use at bars. I especially like the Cask Finish Collection, which subverts my previous thinking about brandy. Sauternes Casks, with its fresh citrus and floral aromas, honey-sweet body and cocoa finish, is really unforgettable once you drink it.

    St-Rémy XO is great with hot cocoa or latte. I like to use VSOP to make Sangria, which is very suitable for spending weekend afternoons with friends. My favourite cocktail with St-Rémy is the Vieux Carre, a classic cocktail born in the 1930s and in the French-speaking area of New Orleans.

  • Tabytha Towe

    Tabytha Towe

    Bartender, Loulas Taverna & Bar Manager, 1610  •  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    One of my favourite experiences with St-Rémy is winning the regional cocktail competition during the gala event. I made a "C'est la (eau-de) Vie" and was ecstatic I got to represent both this province and product.

    My favourite way to drink St-Rémy is the brandy itself, neat and maybe with a little piece of cheese.

  • Selene Martinez

    Selene Martinez

    Assistant Bar Manager, Big Bar  •  Los Angeles, CA, USA

    St-Rémy is a great introductory product into the category of Brandy and at a reasonable cost for the high quality. The complexity of flavours from honey to vanilla and fruit lends itself to cocktails, with St-Rémy shining through yet complimenting the other ingredients whether it be in classic or newly conceived cocktails.

    My favourite way to drink St-Rémy is in a St-Rémy hot toddy, with a little Calvados or apple liqueur. A perfect cocktail for the wet weather.

  • Kristoffer Harvey

    Kristoffer Harvey

    Operating Partner, The Chvrch of John  •  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    St-Rémy is one of the smoothest products out there. St-Rémy XO and Signature are my pocket go to products without a doubt. Adding them to anything lends a bit of age and helps round out whatever you have in the glass. Super versatile and unsung heroes behind the bar. If I had a holster, you'd find one of the two in it. Bang Bang!

    My favourite way to drink St-Rémy is in the "St Café", a frequent feature at the Chvrch of John. Blend of espresso, lemon, spiced vermouth and St-Rémy Signature is an easy pick me up, whether shaken, served straight up or slammed to the bottom over ice.

  • Franco Carbonell

    Franco Carbonell

    Bartender, Josette Dubai  •  Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    One of the things I love with St-Rémy is the quality of the product, it is unmatched, especially for the value. A memory that I won't forget with St-Rémy is when I won St-Rémy XO & Mokha Cold Brew Coffee competition in Dubai. I made new friends, and it gave me a lot of new opportunities, a lot of new learnings and beyond.

    My favourite way to drink St-Rémy is on the rocks but I also use it for a lot of cocktails. Currently, my favourite recipe is made with 50ml St-Rémy XO, 15ml Cointreau, 20ml fresh lime juice and 20ml mango syrup shaken, fine strained and served in a rocks glass with a big ice cube. It is a refreshing tropical drink.

  • Ben Kingstone

    Ben Kingstone

    Beverage Manager, Harlo Entertainment  •  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    I have a great memory of introducing a guest to St-Rémy Signature at a bar. They thought they disliked brandy, but they loved it after making them a Vieux Carré cocktail with St-Rémy Signature. Seeing their enjoyment was a wonderful feeling!

    My favourite way to drink St-Rémy is in a Grilled Fuji Apple with St-Rémy Signature, Dark Rum, Italian sweet vermouth, cola cordial, bitters, and cinnamon sugar apple crisp.

  • Loyd Von Rose

    Loyd Von Rose

    Co-Owner, Dada Cocktail Bar  •  Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    I love St-Rémy because it’s the first brand-family that supported my creativity when I started bartending. It’s a very community-driven brand and I really respect that. Fantastic products and great ideology are a part of what makes St-Rémy an important part of the mixology culture.

    My favourite way to drink St-Rémy (Signature is my favourite) is in Old Fashioned, those deep and complex flavours really elevate the classic.

  • Paul Greagoff

    Paul Greagoff

    General Manager, Jewel of the South  •  New Orleans, LA, USA

    I love that St-Rémy has the versatility to enjoy neat or make an interesting cocktail. There are few drinks more exciting to make or more deeply rooted in New Orleans, like Café Brulot. I will always cherish the memory of showcasing St-Rémy during Tales of the Cocktail 2022 with a production of this cocktail.

    My favourite way to drink St-Rémy is obviously neat. If I am making a cocktail, I like to follow Chris Hannah's recipe for Les Champs-Elysées.

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