Ever wondered how brandy is made?
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It all starts with the raw materials...

  • Brandy

    There is no global definition of brandy. While brandy can be made from almost any fruit, the greatest majority are made from grapes, which are harvested, pressed, fermented into wine and then distilled into brandy.

  • Whisky

    Whiskies are produced from cereal grains, like barley, wheat, corn and rye. The grains are fermented into a low-alcohol beer and then distilled to reach the desired proof.

  • Rum

    Rums are produced from sugar cane – either the fresh squeezed juice or from molasses, a by-product of the sugar-making process. The molasses is fermented into wash and then distilled.

  • Tequila

    Tequila is produced from the agave plant, a member of the lily family. The agaves are cooked, and the resulting sugars are then fermented before distillation.

Where does "brandy" come from?

Brandy is an English word that refers to an eau-de-vie (distillate), usually made from grapes.The word “brandy” originates from the old Dutch "brandewijn", meaning "burnt wine". Dutch traders, masters of the seas, developed the brandewijn business and made it famous around all Europe. When England became a bigger player in international trade, the word "brandy" did too.

What about St-Rémy? The 100% French brandy!