Discover how the world's first French brandy is made, from the grapes to the bottle.

A word from the Master Blender

  • Cécile Roudaut

    St-Rémy Master Blender  •  Angers, France

    I am truly honoured to be Master Blender for St-Rémy and take my role very seriously in respecting the brand’s values and ensuring that St-Rémy retains its authenticity throughout the blending process.

    I maintain the tradition, I make sure that our brandies are always of constant quality and my role is to create, to innovate. I hold this position with so much pleasure, it's fantastic, I always discover new emotions with St-Rémy.


St-Rémy is 100% French. It all starts with French vineyards and the renowned diversity and complementarity of both red and white grapes, and terroirs. From the Loire Valley to Languedoc-Roussillon, we explore what French wine regions have to offer. Embark with us on a wine trip across the vineyards of France!

From the grapes to the bottle


Grapes selection

The process begins with the selection of the highest-quality French grapes from the finest vineyards of France. This elegant diversity of the wine regions will be expressed in the fruity and harmonious style of the St-Rémy brandies.



Those red and white grapes are turned into wines. This great variety of vines and terroirs brings smoothness and French authenticity to St-Rémy.



The French wines are then heated using continuous copper-column distillation, distilled following our French traditions. 100% of the St-Rémy eaux-de-vie are distilled in France, in the regions where the wines are produced.


Eaux-de-vie selection

Our Master Blender then selects and blends the eaux-de-vie that will best express their quality and character once aged in our small French oak barrels.



The St-Rémy eaux-de-vie mature in small French Oak barrels of 350 liters and, as time passes, acquire their amber colour, body and roundness, as well as their fruity and floral accents, and light spicy notes.



Our Master Blender proceeds to the art of blending to bring the final touch. She selects, balances and measures out the matured eaux-de-vie, working her magic to blend and perpetuate St-Rémy’s signature style, flavours and smoothness.



Finally, the St-Rémy brandies are bottled in the Loire Valley and shipped around the world, to be enjoyed by the St-Rémy lovers across the globe, from Canada to Australia!

Did you know?

  • St-Rémy intentionally chooses a wide variety of French terroirs and French grapes to ensure a complex and diverse aromatic profile.

  • The St-Rémy wines and distillates are produced only in France to ensure our exacting quality standards are met.

  • St-Rémy is matured in small barrels, made with Quercus Robur oak from the Limousin Forest.

  • The St-Rémy barrels are toasted medium-long and given a high heating to maximize vanilla sweetness.