Taste the Seasons with St-Rémy Brandy’s new lower-alcohol cocktail collection

St-Rémy, the world’s leading French brandy, has partnered with French mixologist Matthias Giroud to create an enchanting series of five lower-alcohol cocktail creations to accommodate the growing number of consumers looking to reduce their alcohol intake.  

Matthias has crafted five distinct lower-alcohol cocktails, all containing less than 8% ABV, with two tipples featuring the delightfully smooth and oaky St-Rémy Signature and three showcasing the rich complexity of St-Rémy XO.

The collection is inspired by the changing seasons and the bountiful Harvest period, allowing consumers to enjoy St-Rémy all year round.

The Spring Bud cocktail undercuts the richness of St-Rémy Signature with floral and delicate flavours of elderflower, lemon and topped with a cucumber garnish.

The Sunny Day is the ideal accompaniment to a warm summer night, blending St-Rémy Signature with apricot liqueur, agave syrup, and some refreshing verjus to cut through the sweetness.

A reference to St-Rémy’s origins in the French vineyards, the Harvest Time recipe brings together St-Rémy XO with red vermouth, grape juice, Cointreau, and a luscious grape garnish, embodying the richness of the season.

The Autumn Leaves embraces the warmth of autumn with St-Rémy XO, chestnut syrup, lime juice, ice, and apple juice, elegantly garnished with a crisp apple slice.

The Winter Walk recipe embraces the rich and complex St-Rémy XO by blending it with festive flavours of orange, cinnamon, and ginger ale, finished with a twist of orange for a cosy tipple with a lower-alcohol content.