Shaping a new face for brandy

St-Rémy Brandy unveils St-Rémy Signature, a new brandy for a new generation of brandy drinkers

St-Rémy, the world’s leading French brandy, is on a mission to recruit a new generation of brandy drinkers, to breathe life back into the brandy category, and inspire the 21st century cocktail connoisseur, both behind the bar and at home. How? With its latest expression, St-Rémy Signature, which is launching into its first market, Canada domestic.

With roots dating back to 1886, St-Rémy is a true pioneer in the field, and so it is only natural that it leads the charge in rejuvenating the category, adding flair, freshness and style, whilst retaining its dedication to being 100% French from grapes to glass.

St-Rémy hope to recruit a new generation of discerning drinkers aged between 30 to 40, who have refined their tastes and attitudes over the years. St-Rémy Signature appeals to them both through its liquid excellence, and its presentation in a minimalist, elegant bottle, similar to that of whisky, bourbon and rum, encouraging consumers to rediscover brandy and position it as a spirit of choice.

Through aspirational storytelling and innovative production processes, St-Rémy Signature is the perfect balance of tradition and modernity, a unique liquid designed to delight at every unexpected moment and inspire a new wave of drinkers to reclaim a moment of harmony in their busy lives.

The processes used to create St Rémy Signature have resulted in a drink echoing the lifecycle of its desired consumers. The enthusiasm of youth has been imparted by the first maturation in new oak casks (Quercus Patrea) giving the liquid intense spiced notes and verve. The wisdom of maturity is reflected through the second maturation in traditional casks (Quercus Robur), where the liquid becomes balanced and complex. The result is a smooth, proud and authentic brandy, creating a moment of true harmony.

St-Rémy Signature is luminous, bright and amber in colour with sweet aromas of vanilla, coconut and almond greeting you on the nose. Round and balanced on the palate, the woody notes are enriched with honey, nut and butter flavours. To discover St-Rémy Signature is to discover a new kind of harmony.

“St-Rémy Signature is an original creation”, says St-Rémy Master Blender, Cécile Roudaut. “While respecting French brandy-making traditions, I have added a maturation stage in small virgin oak barrels, which marks its distinction.”

St-Rémy Signature provides a unique base for your favourite serves, reimagined: French Old Fashioned, Signature Dry, Signature Rose or a Tin Train. Equally, the liquid is perfect for use in traditional brandy cocktails such as Club, Corpse Reviver No. 1, French Metropolitan and the French Alexander.

St-Rémy Signature is available to the Canadian domestic market as a first stage, and will sit alongside St-Rémy XO, VSOP and limited-edition Cask Finish Collection.

St-Rémy Signature (70cl) is available at LCBO and SAQ, in-store and on-trade with an RRP of $42.95.