At St-Rémy, we have been making brandy since 1886...
More than 130 years of savoir-faire and innovation, from the Loire Valley to the World.

St-Rémy History


The distillery is established

The distillery is established in Machecoul in the Loire Valley following the phylloxera outbreak which damaged the Charente vineyards. Paul-Emile Rémy Martin II selected Machecoul, where the Muscadet grapes were similar to “Folle Blanche", and set up a distillery to produce high-quality brandy.


The "Fine St-Rémy" is created

The original 1917 recipe accounts for the essence of this unique and authentic French brandy.


The unique St-Rémy bottle is created

St-Rémy has always been a pioneer in the brandy world. The St-Rémy bottle shape was been registered at the Commercial Court of Cognac in 1961.


St-Rémy is exported to 80 Countries

St-Rémy begins to enjoy true international success.


St-Rémy launches St-Rémy Napoleon VSOP


Martine Pain, St-Rémy Cellar Master, creates St-Rémy XO


Martine Pain creates St-Rémy Réserve Privée

This was the brand's first high-end limited edition.


St-Rémy Small Batch Reserve is launched

This edition comes as a limited release.


Martine Pain retires after 35 years at St-Rémy

Cécile Roudaut takes the helm, after having brilliantly helped with the creation of the St-Rémy limited editions.


The St-Rémy packaging is updated

St-Rémy, the world’s leading French brandy, updates its range packaging, inspired by its history and its roots. New look, same liquids!


The St-Rémy Cask Finish Collection is launched

The Cask Finish Collection celebrates our Master Blender expertise in maturing St-Rémy brandy in various types of casks. A new edition is released each year, since 2018 : Chardonnay, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Barbados Rum, Islay Scotch whisky, Sauternes, Sherry, Port, Calvados.


St-Rémy Signature is launched

St-Rémy Signature is a new face of brandy! Presented in a new transparent bottle, this innovation by Cécile Roudaut has two maturation stages in new oak and seasoned casks. The perfect brandy for cocktails.

St-Rémy Know How

At St-Rémy, we have been making French brandies since 1886. Discover more about our 130-year old brandy-making savoir-faire and how our brandies are made, staying 100% French from the grapes to the bottle.

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