Our Master Blender

Her origins and background
The mother of two boys, Cécile Roudaut lives in a small town of 3,000 inhabitants, in a former post office surrounded by vineyards. Born in nearby Saumur – as was Coco Chanel before her – she loves the sweetness, landscapes, white stone, vines and light of Anjou in the lower Loire Valley.
As a young adult, Cécile’s appreciation of the grapevine was observed by the local grape-growers and cellar-masters of Angers and Saumur who showed her how wine was made. She later joined a winery and rigorously studied oenology.
Nourished and matured by experience, Cécile joined Rémy Cointreau in July 1997, in the Research & Development department. That was where her privileged relationship with St-Rémy began, culminating in June 2016 with her appointment as Master Blender, following the retirement of Martine Pain.
Aware that her job involves the transmission of knowledge to a wider audience, Cécile Roudaut has been giving courses at the University of Angers for the past 15 years, in the fields of sensory analysis and food biochemistry.

A Master Blender with an open mind
Cécile Roudaut defines her mission as Master Blender as follows: “I work on selecting eaux-de-vies and looking after them whilst they are aging in oak barrels; I then evaluate them and create blends that will become St-Rémy brandy.” She focuses on pursuing this ancestral function by respecting the brand’s values: “St-Rémy has strong roots – a tradition, history, and real elegance. My role is to ensure that the brand retains its authenticity.”

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